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About Dirkosh Crunch

Dirkosh Crunch, a modern spin on an Ethiopian native grain, is a vegan, gluten-free and oil-free teff-based chip. With each crunch, our innovative recipe delivers both an authentic Ethiopian experience as well as a nutritional boost to your diet. You can enjoy this snack both on-the-go or paired with your favorite dip as an ideal complement to your party platter.

One serving of teff offers 7 grams of PROTEIN, 4 grams of dietary FIBER, 25% of your daily recommended magnesium, 20% of your daily IRON, and 10% of your daily CALCIUM, vitamin B6, and zinc." - Washington Post.

What Does Dirkosh Taste Like?

Made with all-natural ingredients and a minimalist recipe, Dirkosh Crunch exemplifies simplicity at its finest.

Using only teff and local spices, Dirkosh Crunch provides you with an authentic Ethiopian experience with a twist.

With each bite, you will be yearning for more. Dirkosh Crunch is an irresistible teff-based chip.

Dirkosh Flavors

Dirkosh Crunch’s flavors are bold and adventurous: just like you!
  • Toasty Sesame : Teff, water, sesame seeds, salt
  • Firery Mitmita : Teff, water, Mitmita spice, salt
  • Garlic Rich : Teff, water, garlic, salt
  • Afar Salt : Teff, water, Salt

Teff is the seed of a grass native to Ethiopia known as lovegrass. Long distance runners from Ethiopia have credited their energy and vitality to the grain.

Our Story

Dirkosh Crunch is an irresistible, Ethiopian teff-based chip that is sure to satisfy your cravings. While other gluten-free healthy alternatives exist, Dirkosh Crunch is the only vegan, gluten-free, and oil-free chip that also provides a unique exploration into Ethiopia’s vibrant cuisine. Not only is this snack protein and micro-nutrient rich, it also partners with a community of local farmers and underserved women.

"If Africa could sell [food and snacks] to the WORLD, it wouldn't solve all the continent's problems, but it could make a BIG dent." - The Wall Street Journal

Our Mission

1. Create simple and healthy teff inspired snacks for on-the-go, adventurous, vegan and gluten-free consumers.

2. Provide a community that empowers undervalued local women & farmers in Ethiopia.

3. Generate a deeper understanding and appreciation for Ethiopia and its vibrant people and culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the name 'dirkosh' mean?

A: One of the most traditional Ethiopian foods, injera, is a crepe-like food made from teff grain. Injera is typically served with vegetables and legumes, but when it is sun dried, it becomes known as dirkosh. Afterwards, they use it in a popular breakfast dish called firfir. We innovated the injera recipe & dirkosh process to transform it into a simple, authentic, and irresistible snack. We kept the name because we want to help introduce the beautiful Ethiopian culture to the world!.

Q: Where can I buy Dirkosh Crunch?

A: Dirkosh Crunch is sold in stores & hotels in Ethiopia, and is launching in London in 2018.

Q:Where do you make Dirkosh Crunch?

A: One of our values is to conduct our business sustainably, by proudly sourcing and manufacturing in Ethiopia in an environmentally and socially conscious manner. We believe one of the fastest routes to eradicating poverty is with trade not aid. This is why we have invested in developing the full value chain in Ethiopia. Our experience has taught us that an African agribusiness in the international market can benefit everyone, and we hope to help pioneer the way forward.

Q: How did Dirkosh Crunch start?

A: Dirkosh Crunch was started when Valerie, originally from the United States, decided to quit her job and backpack across Africa solo using only public transportation. After her adventurous 7 month journey, she decided to live in Ethiopia. She became a plant-based vegan around the same time, and realized that the chips she was eating weren’t that healthy. They were loaded with oil, weird ingredients, and never made her body feel good afterwards. Her Ethiopian neighbor, Alula, introduced her to traditional dirkosh. Eventually they fell in love, got married, and decided to start Dirkosh Crunch as a supportive company that provides inclusivity and consideration at all levels of the business, from farmer to consumer.


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